The 5 Reasons Why The Milan Girl Is The Girl We All Want To Be

The 5 Reasons Why The Milan Girl Is The Girl We All Want To Be

The New York girl is the sophisticated one, the London girl is the cool, edgy one and the Paris girl is the expensive one. But it’s the Milan girl that we all really want to be…

From the moment that the plane touched down on the tarmac in Milan we were excited. Maybe it was the balmy weather, maybe it was the draw of the giant four-floor Zara that we never miss a stop at, or maybe it was the prospect of seeing fabulous models being transformed by the world’s best hair stylists and makeup artists? Whatever it was, we couldn’t wait. And it hasn’t disappointed. Show after show, we’ve left backstage with a tug in our stomachs. The girls being created behind the catwalks are the girls we desperately want to be. From the ‘Classic Prada’ girl, with her perfect side parting and on-show bobby pin to the ‘Italian Aristocrat’ at Giamba, who’s wandering around her mansion the morning after a party, the glitter still attached to her face, we want to be them all…

Classic Prada Girl

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‘This is a perfect, but real look. It’s smart and elegant, but masculine at the same time,’ explained Redken’s Global Creative Director, Guido. The side parting, finished with the visible bobby pin is so simple, yet paired with the low pony or a 20s inspired bob, screams high fashion. Makeup extraordinaire Pat McGrath also opted for a minimal look, ‘it’s a well conditioned face, a little bit of mascara, groomed brows and lots of highlighting. The skin looks alive.’  Our tip on achieving this look? Look after your skin properly - exfoliate, tweeze, cleanse, tone and use a serum, moisturiser and eye cream. 

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Sexy Vinyl Armani Girl

Linda Cantello told us that Mr Armani told her to make the models look ‘sexy’. ‘He’s never used the word sexy, the whole time I’ve worked with him.’ To get the girls looking like this, she used the new Armani Power Fabric foundation, topped with lots of highlighter and a lip so shiny, it looked vinyl. Fierce doesn’t even cut it. ‘She’s hot and sweaty, because she’s been up all night. This girl oozes confidence and sexuality.’

‘Tess’ Girl

If anyone can look at a picture of the SS17 Etro girl and tell us honestly that you don’t want to be her, we’ll eat our computers. The whispy low braids held together with neon ties that were created by hair god James Pecis (godlike in reputation, godlike in appearance - google him) were simply stunning, with a definite nod to fantastical festival Burning Man. While Mark Carrasquillo buffed the girl’s skin, popped moisturise onto their lips, before sloughing it off revealing a natural plumped pout and used a natural brown mascara on the lashes. He referenced Roman Polanski’s film ‘Tess’, ’she looks perfect - bee-stung lips, beautiful moisturised skin and flushed cheeks.’. 

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Italian Aristocrat Girl

‘She’s an Italian Aristocrat, who now lives in LA, but is back home in Italy for the weekend. She’s wandering around the empty rooms of her mansion, the night after a party.’ Who wouldn’t want to be the Giamba girl?! The look Val Garland created was every bit whimsical. She she used mixing medium to outline shapes directly on the face, then covered them in Mac’s glitter. ‘She only wears silver glitter. She’s into glam rock and loves Jimmy Hendricks and David Bowie’ the ultimate cool girl. 

Lipstick Girl

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There’s a Mac Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour to suit every mood, but Terry Barber played on the idea of there being a colour to match every outfit. ‘The girl know that all she needs to look chic, is lipstick. When she changes her clothes, she changes her lippie.’ And that’s exactly what he did; every girl sent down the runway was sporting a Retro Matte lip that matched perfectly to their Marco de Vincenzo outfit. Don’t own every colour? Now you know what to do next pay day…


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