Watch One Man Take On 100 Years Of Hairstyles In 90 Seconds

Watch One Man Take On 100 Years Of Hairstyles In 90 Seconds

Think the man bun was bad? A new video has recreated 100 years of male hair and moustache looks in just 90 seconds, and we can’t stop watching

From the 1920s middle parting to the 2000s spikes, male hairstyles have been on quite a journey - and that’s not even mentioning the moustaches. One video, including one very brave male model, has recreated 100 years of men’s grooming looks, and the results are mesmerising - almost as mesmerising as these world leaders with man buns. Here are all the looks you need to take note of:

If you like your men to look like Freddie Mercury, this is the look for you. That is one well-groomed moustache, with a neat side parting too.

Got a comb? The 1920s middle part requires serious attention – plus a LOT of hair gel. We can imagine this guy in a knitted cardigan and braces.

This is a more minimal moustache than the 1910s, but we’re feeling that slight wave in the hair.

Hello sailor! Clean shaven with a LOT of volume under that cap, the 1930s is probably one of our favourite male looks.

Grease, anyone? The 1950s is all about a well-gelled quiff and slicked back sides, preferably worn with a leather jacket and blue jeans.

Now, we thought the 1960s was all about sideburns and bowl cuts, but this model is rocking longer locks and some serious facial hair.

This look is essentially a lob with a middle parting (if you need a lob refresher, check out our hair gallery), plus a thick moustache and beard.

Think Wolf of Wall Street and you’ve pretty much got the picture of this slicked back style. We’re picturing pinstripe suits and gold watches.

Kurt Cobain has a lot to answer for – the 1990s is all about dishevelled long locks for thrashing out to grunge. 

Big Brother stars and professional footballers (including you, David Beckham) were working the side-sweep quiff throughout the metrosexual noughties.

Thought you’d escaped it? The man bun is THE look of the 2010s (click here for everything you need to know about the man bun) – we’re just thankful the shaved sides have been ditched for a full head of tied back hair.

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