Ordinarily a sign of being really, really cold, blue lips are the latest and possibly weirdest beauty trend to hit the high street this year. That’s right, a raft of new aquatic lip colours are making their way to a make-up counter near you – will you be brave enough to try them?

The latest in the blue news is Kylie Jenner's latest lip kit, which is out on Friday, has two new shades — Skylie (a light blue) and Freedom (a dark inky navy).

Blue lipstick has had a couple of iconic moments in the Beauty limelight in the past (the Romy Schneider lip and the Joey Tribbiani 'ichiban lipstick for men' from friends are some firm favourites) but why wear a blue lipstick now? Yes they look cool on models in an ice queen kind of way but can they ever work on real women? Would you ever buy one over a red or a pink?

Romy Schneider BLue Lipstick

Team InStyle road tested 3 of the lastest blue lipsticks and here is what she thought:

The Midnight Blue:  Illamasqua Lipstick in Disciple

VERDICT:  Straight in at the deep end here…. I am astounded by how much I loved this shade – I honestly didn’t find it harder to wear than a rouge noir lipstick.  It packs all the punch of a red lipstick but with a twist on the classic vibe.  Saying that it was a little tricky to apply – the formula is a bit dry so you will need hydrated lips and a lip brush to get an even finish. You should also use a lip liner (although considering the colour a midnight blue eye pencil may be easier to get hold of).  Such a dark colour can make your lips look smaller so you need to err over the natural lipline to exaggerate your pout.
WEAR IT TO:  A date if you dare or a post work cocktail with friends.

Illamasqua Lipstcik in Disciple

The Teal Blue: MDM Flow in Mas Marina

VERDICT: Cyber chic and the Smurphette?  I can’t decide.   This electric blue applies really easily and the texture is creamy enough to use without a lipliner.   Personally, I found it a little startling but if you had a good tan or a darker skintone than me you could totally rock it and turn heads in a good way.   I actually felt it made my lips look fuller too.  Conceal any blue tones or veins around the lip first as bright blue lipstick will highlight these.
WEAR IT TO:  The beach bar or a festival.

MDM Flow Lipstick in Mas Marina

The Powder Blue: Make-up revolution in Scandalous Immoral

VERDICT:  I have to admit I found I looked a little silly in this one (I think you might agree…) It reminded me a bit of ‘80s sun block – I could have been about to head off for a day on the slopes.  It’s an awesome colour but not one I could ever imagine wearing in real life.
WEAR IT TO: Star Wars Secret Cinema or a fancy dress party.

Makeup Revolution in Scandalous Immoral

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And while you're building up the courage to go blue, head over to our sister site Powder to get a red lipstick shade that's matched to you...