How To Choose Your Autumn Perfume According To Your Star Sign

How To Choose Your Autumn Perfume According To Your Star Sign

How to choose your perfume according to your star sign

We’ve all been there: you spend hours testing fragrances and finally pick one you think you like, but when you spritz it on a few days later, it smells nothing like it did in the store. Since it’s autumn, along with piling on more layers, swapping your lightweight summer beauty products for richer, full-coverage ones, you should also consider a new signature scent. Instead of guessing what fragrance may work for you and your fall vibe, why not turn to your zodiac sign as a foolproof way to choosing a scent you’ll become obsessed with?

You might think that the fragrances you usually gravitate towards are based on your own personal taste, but your star sign’s attributes and current state can also make a major impact on which bottles you keep on your shelf. We turned to Tali Edut, one-half of The AstroTwins to find out how the stars are aligning this fall and what it means for your fragrance choice. Read on to find out which new fragrance should become your fall signature based on your zodiac sign.

This season is all about relationships but instead of a new fling, Aries are focused on new partnerships like pairing with a friend to start an entrepreneurial side gig. Finding balance and sharing responsibilities is the key for making this a success, so a fragrance with opposing notes that meet in the middle should be what Aries spritzes on.

Alexander McQueen’s Eau de Parfum for Her (£75) bottles up the spirit of opposites attract. Night-blooming florals like Sambac Jasmine and Tuberose meet black and pink pepper make for a signature scent that is just as balanced as Aries new work partnership.

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After a summer of indulging in pizza parties and rainbow bagels in the name of the ‘gram, Taurus are ready to settle down and get back into a healthy living mode this autumn. Restoring order and getting grounded calls for a scent that’s packed with earthy, woodsy notes. SJP’s newest scent, Stash (£50) is exactly what this sign needs to cosy up to. The fragrance contains sage, cedarwood atlas, and massoia wood.

For Geminis, prepare for that cute Tinder date you went on at the beginning of the season to turn into a full-blown, show-stopping romance. A good first impression calls for a bold, signature scent that lets your date—and the entire restaurant—know that Gemini is here. Christian Louboutin’s Trouble in Heaven (£215), one in three of the shoe designer’s first foray into fragrances, is sprinkled with intoxicating notes like bergamot, amber, and rose bouton that will turn heads, but won’t overpower the Gemini wearing them.

As the temperatures cool, Cancers are ready to get warm and cosy up in their rooms for the fall season. Along with Catbird candles, silk pajamas, and a playlist of Criterion Collection films, the sign needs an equally dreamy and feminine scent that matches their fall cocoons. Chanel’s new fragrance N°5 L’Eau (£68) is a modern update of the brands timeless N°5 fragrance.  May rose, jasmine, cedar, and musk is equal parts pretty and vintage.

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If everyone is wearing their hair down, Leos will style their strands in a high pony. This season Leos are all about expanding their social circles, but not without standing out to make a killer first impression. In order to get added to a few new group chats this autumn, Leos should lean towards a scent that’s veers a little to the left with edgier, unusual notes. Consider Tom Ford’s Ombré Leather (£148) with its black leather, violet leaf, and white moss notes the just the fragrance to get the job done.

After a year of parties, travelling, and essentially living it up, Virgos are ready to settle down for a calmer, more relaxed autumn season. In order to get grounded, this sign should turn to a fragrance with like Tommy Hilfiger’s The Girl (£35) which is infused with classic sophisticated notes like green pear and jasmine with earthy cedarwood thrown into the mix.

With Jupiter in Libra’s sign until October of next year, they’ll spend autumn in the limelight. Whether this means a big promotion at work or a spike in Instagram followers is up for the stars to decide, but whatever the reason for the attention, Libras will be in the spotlight for their originality. What’s more unique than a fragrance that’s completely up to you to be named? Byredo’s unnamed perfume (£135) comes with a set of letters that allows you to customise and create a fragrance whose name is only yours.

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Throughout autumn Scorpios are going to lay low—and they’re completely ok with staying in with Seamless and Netflix throughout the season. Maison Margiela’s Replica Filter: Tea Escape (£85) is the crisp, calm scent you need right now, with notes of mint, bergamot and green tea.

This autumn, Sagittarians are channeling their inner Sporty Spice. To compliment an athletic vibe, opt for a scent like Odejo (£55), with notes of lily and Tahitian rose, cucumber oil and blue sea kelp.. 

Money is on Capricorns’ mind this season. The sign is all about getting back into the career mindset after getting sidetracked for part of this year. The best way to start rolling in the dough is to smell like it. Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence (£69)’s blend of champagne extract, gardenia, saffron, and liquid amber is just the high ticket scent Capricorns are looking for.

Aquarians are all about bursting their own bubbles and traveling this autumn to see new corners of the world and what they have to offer. Throughout trip planning, spritz on a scent that evokes the other side of the world such as Aerin Tangier Vanille (£92) with notes such as Madagascar vanilla, amber, and Bulgarian rose which embody the spirit of exotic locales.

This autumn, Pisces are pros at the art of seduction. Since this sign will be spending a lot of time behind closed doors (but definitely not alone) they need a scent that’s equally as luring. Charlotte Tilbury’s first scent, Scent of a Dream (£68) smells like magnetism. Its notes of jasmine, frankincense, tuberose, and fire tree are guaranteed to be irresistible to any nose.

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