Half And Half Hair - This Summer's Hottest Hair Trend?

Half And Half Hair - This Summer's Hottest Hair Trend?

Forget Cruella de Vil, this summer's hottest hair trend is all about half and half hair done the right way…

Ok, so between a Disney villain's iconic mane and adorning a whole host of, dare we say it, scene kids, half and half hair hasn't exactly gained the best reputation.

Until now.

With almost 30,000 instagrams tagged with #halfandhalfhair and the rise and rise of BLEACH London's rainbow colour dyes, it would seem the previously emo 'do has had a hair overhaul.



And if you're anything like us and can never decide what colour to go for, your problems are solved. We say, don't decide! With this split-personality look you can choose two completely different colours to match your mood.

From cotton candy coloured hues of pastel pink and blue, to monochromatic platinum and black (also called the half natural), there's no limit to the combinations you can create.




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Thinking it's a little extreme? If you're not sure about dyeing both halves of your head (or you just want your hair to have a fighting chance at staying bleach free), opt for one half your natural colour, and the other half a pale pastel a la Instagram regular and Topman's hippest employee ?taken-by=jenbearr">@jenbearr aka Lucy Jennings. We're a little bit in love with her half ginger, half candyfloss locks.

Less extreme but totally effective, it's the easiest way to show your sophisticated and fun sides at the same time!



Back to work today, I am so disgruntled 👎 #splitdye

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Fancy the half and half look yourself? Check out BLEACH Salon Manager Sapphire Lewis' top tips...

1. “Half and half hair has a resurgence in popularity every time nostalgic trends hit the mainstream. At the moment, late 90s and 00s trends are having their moment. There are nods to grunge and futuristic fashion in hair and beauty - things like metallic make-up, hair chalks and body glitter are appearing on the dressing table again."

2. "With hair colouring, half and half hair reflects back to that time when grunge was on the ebb and The Spice Girls were about to begin their reign.
There's the classic half natural (dark) and half white which has more of a goth edge but for the most effective colours, beginning with a full head of bleach is the way to start."

3. "Get the hair as white as possible and then choose your colours. The nicest colours together are pastel blue and pink because they contrast slightly. But colours that are tonally similar, like pastel pink and pastel orange also look amazing together. Or pastel lilac and mint green. Our Super Cool Colours in Rosé, Washed Out Orange, Blullini, Violet Skies and Sea Punk should be added to your collection for any of these combinations. All you do is part the hair in the middle all the way to the nape and then apply your chosen colours to either side. To maintain, top up both sides every two weeks.”


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