Hair Colour Trends For 2015 - Everything You Need To Know

Hair Colour Trends For 2015 - Everything You Need To Know

From 'sand art' hair to Ronze locks, nail 2015's hottest hair trends with our guide to this season's colours you need to know about...


Taking inspiration from the natural blonde tones that some of us were lucky enough to have as children (and unfortunate enough to lose as adults - where did those golden curls go?), feather lights are the latest colouring technique from the hair maestros at Charles Worthington. Instead of stripy highlights, feather-shaped sections of hair are lightened backwards from root to tip, working from subtle to strong for a more natural fade. Don't fancy going blonde? This technique is the perfect way to update brunette locks for 2015's Bronde trend.

The Expert Opinion: Art Team Director at Charles Worthington Marc Trinder - 'We predict feather lights to be our next big colouring technique - it's the new sophisticated ombre and the perfect technique to create a natural bronde look!'

How To Get The Look: Well as it's Charles Worthington's colour innovation, it makes sense to pay him a visit, non? Feather Lights are from £90 at Charles Worthington salons.


Now normally when something that sounds like a holiday camp activity we reluctantly undertook when we were ten wouldn't catch our attention, but when it's vibrant, My Little Pony style multi-coloured hair, well, we're in. Yup, 'sand art' hair is the latest colour craze taking over Instagram. Literally meaning layered up colour like you would do with a bottle of rainbow sand, 'sand art' hair is officially giving us serious hair envy.

The Inspiration: Old school Chloe Norgaard and pretty much every girl on Instagram.

The Expert Opinion: BLEACH London's salon manager Sapphire Lewis - "We've always called this technique tie-dye. For a true tie-dye effect leave some of the blonde hair in between colours so that when its all rinsed and dry it looks like the white patches and patterns you get on a tie-dye t-shirt."

How To Get The Look: "Prepare all the colours first and have an old towel on hand to wipe your hands in between using colours. Start at the back, taking thin sections of hair and apply your first colour right to the scalp at the top. Bring it down as far as you want the colour to go. Apply your second colour and smoosh it into the first one to make sure it blends. Do the same for the next colour. Repeat the process all over the head, alternating colours and putting different combinations together."



Yup, you heard us right, we said Ronze. 2015's take on red hair, this is a hair colour mash up of red and bronze, literally.  Rich red hair with a more auburn base and lighter highlights are this year's hottest hue.

The Inspiration: Emma Stone, Christina Hendricks and Julianne Moore.

The Expert Opinion: Pro Hairstylist Paul Edmonds - "Compared to last year, we are noticing a less solid red colour trend and instead softer shades to create a pearl essence shimmer making it easier to wear this season. Last year, it was all about the deep red and purple shades whereas this year a more transitional colour technique is being used overlaying colours incorporating a second tone. Organic colour is also a popular choice for 2015.”

How To Get The Look: Unless you're naturally auburn-inclined, this is definitely a salon job. Take a photo of your chosen celeb inspiration and ask for all over multi-tonal colour. If your hair is damaged, this is a great opportunity to use less harsh dyes and give your hair a break. But be warned, this shade needs upkeep. Lighter haired ladies should use colour protect shampoo and conditioner and regularly have dye top ups at the salon around every 6 weeks.


One of the strongest hair trends to hit the AW15 catwalks, block brunette hair is here to stay. Go extreme and ditch the highlights for minimal almost-black locks.

The Inspiration: Kendall Jenner, Adriana Lima and Anne Hathaway


Last year was all about super extreme bleached out locks and supermodel Sasha Luss lead the way. So when she turned up backstage for the AW15 collections sporting long caramel locks, we knew it was time for a change up. 2015's blonde update, it's all about warm tones with beachy highlights.

The Inspiration: Sasha Luss, Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift.

The Expert Opinion: Pro Hairstylist Paul Edmonds - “All over blonde colour is in! If you’re a natural blonde then a full head of highlights is ideal but if not, it will require a lot of upkeep and you may need your roots doing every 3 weeks."


No longer just for teenagers or iconic film wig wearers (Frenchie we're looking at you), coloured hair made a massive comeback last year hitting the heads of everyone from Kate Hudson to Hilary Duff. Nail 2015's update on the bold look with softer washes of rose and peach with multi-tonal highlights in duskier hues. Feeling adventurous? Turn your ombre upside down by focussing colour on the roots then fading out to blonde on the ends.

The Inspiration:
Sienna Miller, January Jones and Hilary Duff

The Expert Opinion: BLEACH Salon Manager Sapphire Lewis - “For 2015 we've seen clients moving away from very obvious dip dyes and heading towards more beachy, natural looking soft highlights. Pastel toners will always remain a firm favourite because they are so wearable and low commitment. Pinks and peaches like our Rosé and Awkward Peach are always popular during spring and summer.”



Forget balayage, this year's hottest hair technique is all about the Tortoiseshell. Thanks to hair pro Jack Howard, ecaille hair colour aka tortoiseshell is the hair to get your hands on. Multi-dimensional brunette tones are painted onto the hair to replicate (pretty literally) the colours found in tortoiseshell creating a richer, glossier hair colour. We're sold.

The Inspiration: Jessica Biel, Gisele Bundchen and Jessica Alba

The Expert Opinion: Pro Hairstylist Paul Edmonds - "We are seeing brunettes such as Jessica Alba and Nicole Scherzinger  introduce gold highlights throughout the front of the hair line to create the ecaille look ‘the tortoiseshell technique.’ The important thing is to keep a contrast of brown and blonde."

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