10 Gradual Tanners For A 100% Natural Summer Glow

10 Gradual Tanners For A 100% Natural Summer Glow
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Gradual tanners are perfect for everyone — from first time self-tanners to fake tan fangirls. We've rounded up the 10 best - for every budget...

Gradual tanners are the answer to the faux glow needs of first time fake tanners, fans of the natural look and even fake tan fangirls.

What they lose in deep colour, they gain in easiness — zero streaks on your white bed sheets (hashtag fake tan problems) and no annoying application.

Models at spring/summer fashion week were sporting a healthy glow; not perma-tanned but not quite embracing that English Rose look. And this is where gradual tanners come in… While classic fake tans create a deep glow, gradual tanners give a natural, sun-kissed look. Not only that but they’re a safe bet for busy women with limited preening time as you can apply them after your morning shower, in the place of your moisturiser, and you’re good to go. InStyle tip: Don’t put them on in a steamy bathroom as it’ll make the application – and the tan - uneven.

Another plus about gradual fake tans is they’re easy on the purse. With most - even the high-end brands like St Tropez - retailing under £15, they’re far cheaper than the non-gradual alternatives.

Though the application is undeniably simpler than a darker tan, it does need prepping for best results. Dry skin will create streaks with a gradual tanner, just like it will with others, so exfoliate before every application and moisturise (with a non-tanning product) regularly. To keep it even, apply in a dry room, being sparing on your feet and backs of your hands, and make sure it’s dried before you get dressed. Remember to wash your hands after use – it’s easy to forget, especially if there’s no guide colour, but you don’t want orange palms being your tan giveaway.

From Omorovicza and Elemis to St Tropez’ new gradual shower tanner and the best of the bargain bunch, we’ve rounded up our top 10 for the perfect glow – on every budget - this summer…

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