Glamp It Up: How To Do Festival Glitter

Glamp It Up: How To Do Festival Glitter

It’s official: cool girls wear glitter. Make-up pro Hannah Murray shows you how to ace festival season

Think glitter's a tad too much IRL? Then festival season is the perfect playground to go wild with the sparkly stuff - and tap into next season's hottest make-up trend.

ICYMI, glitter was EVERYWHERE backstage for AW16, from Gigi Hadid's twinkly brows at Giambattista Valli to Edie Campbell's glitter tears at Burberry (see below *swoon*).

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Not ready to unleash your pot of glitter on the world? Topshop's make-up guru Hannah Murray shows us how to do the glitter the cool way, whether you wanna go subtle sparkle or walking glitterball…

'What not to do at a festival? Everything loses its cool on a bad tan or overly contoured skin. Skin should look like skin so all the focus is on the glittery, poppy elements. I love electric 90s lips for festivals but keep the rest of your make-up pared-back. A super-bright lip with perfectly blended eyeshadow and blusher looks wrong.’

'The key to giving glitter
a cool toughness is using black kohl or kajal as a base – it almost acts like an eye primer. Apply along the 
top and bottom lashes and around the water line and 
use your finger to smudge over the lid. Because kajal has a moist texture, glitter grips onto it so you can 
do away with messy glue. Press chunky glitter onto your eyelid, or wear it cascading under the eye.’

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‘This summer, glitter has more of a rock ’n’ roll feel. Gold and silver are still around but there are tougher textures and colours like petrol or teal that are more like dirty metallics. You can imagine a Kate Moss or Alison Mosshart kinda girl doing this. It should look lived-in, not pretty.’

‘If you feel glitter’s OTT for daytime, just do kohl and swipe glitter over your eyelids to take your look into night. Or if you’re wearing a red lip, amp up lids with a paler, iridescent glitter like baby blue. Removing glitter doesn’t have to be tricky. If you’re thinking ahead, pack a little roll of masking tape – press it on and the tape gently pulls each piece off immediately. It’s the best way.’

‘You really only need five products in your festival bag and you’re done. Make skin look fresh and polished with a concealer palette. For eyes, go 
with kajal and glitter, and waterproof mascara is always a staple because it isn’t going to budge. Multi-use crayons like Topshop’s Everything Stick are made for festivals because you can do a million looks with it – a berry tone pressed onto lips looks so fresh with a blue glitter eye.’

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