Festival Beauty Essentials

Festival Beauty Essentials
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Three days in a tent doesn't mean you need to look it with our Festival beauty edit...

Obligatory flower headband? Check. Shewee? Check. Multi-tasking/brightening/hang-over disguising beauty booty? Double check; it’s time to up your glamping game girls.

Packing for festivals is an art in itself and unless you’re doing it Kate Bosworth-style (ie with an entourage to carry your camera-ready accoutrements and no chance of stepping anywhere near a tent) it’s one worth perfecting before you find yourself knee-deep in mud.

The key? Keep it simple with long-wearing, multi-tasking products that can take you from day to night. “You only really need five cosmetics in your festival kit and you’re done,” says make-up maven Hannah Murray. “Keep skin looking fresh rather than overly made-up and for eyes go with liner and glitter. Waterproof mascara is always a staple as it isn’t going to budge and multi-use crayons are made for festivals as you can do a million looks with them – a berry tone pressed onto lips looks so fresh with a glitter eye.” Hannah’s top tip to avoid seeing remnants of said glitter forever more? “If you’re thinking ahead, pack a little roll of masking tape – it’s THE best way for removing glitter.”

Feeling and looking fresh is priority number one (apart from generating some serious Insta envy) in an environment where everything is working against that very thing. Deodorant wipes have saved us from many a shower horror and a portable roll-on fragrance will ensure you come up smelling of roses even when you find yourself in a mosh pit at 4am.

We’ve even thought of that post-festival my-liver-hates-me come-down by popping a few supplements into the mix (you’re welcome) to help you look and feel as good as one can on two hours sleep and a weekend of ill-advised (4am) culinary choices.

Speaking of post-festival pep-ups, festival pro Daisy Lowe recommends a shot of blue-green algae when we caught up with her at Coachella; “An E3 Live shot sorts your life out. Fact. It’s made out of algae and tastes disgusting but you hold it in your mouth for as long as you can so that it absorbs through your tongue and hits your bloodstream quicker. It just feels like colours are suddenly brighter and it’s also and amazing hangover cure. I always hit the Earthbar in LA to round off Coachella – I just wish Glastonbury would catch on.”

So onto our festival beauty picks.....

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