Eyeshadow Primers That Will Stop All Manner Of Slippage and Creasing

Eyeshadow Primers That Will Stop All Manner Of Slippage and Creasing
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A previously overlooked, yet important extra step to your makeup routine. It's time to stop ignoring eyeshadow primers!

You either use an eyeshadow primer or you don’t. There’s no in-between. If you’re in the ‘yes’ camp, then you’re probably someone who invests more times money into your makeup routine. When Victoria Beckham announced her collab with Estee Lauder, you were probably all over it and pre-ordered the entire collection. If you never use an eyeshadow primer, then you probably don’t use a face primer either. You’re more of a tinted moisturizer gal. You might do your makeup on the tube. That’s ok, there’s nothing wrong with that. But let us explain to you why eyeshadow primers might just be something you want to start paying more attention to...

1. The area around your eye is a lot thinner than the rest of your face, so before you put any eye makeup, it’s much better to prep and prime the skin. Be kind to your eyes, guys!

2. You invest your hard earned dollar on eye shadows and liners so don’t you think you should get your money’s worth? Pop the primer on before you start your smokey eye and all that effort will pay off. As you look back at your reflection in the mirror six hours later, the smokey eye will still be on point.

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3. News flash! As you get older, your eyes are gonna get a bit more crepey and more creasy. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news... However, there is a way to stop makeup from settling in those creases. You guessed it! Eye shadow primers. By putting one of them on first

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4. Industry experts love em! Katie Jane Hughes, NYC-based makeup artist, says ‘Eye shadow primers are insurance for your makeup look. If you have oily lids a primer is essential. Apply a small amount with a flat brush or your ring finger and smooth around the lid so it's an even layer. Let it sit for 15 seconds and press on your base eye shadow powder.’



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