Essences: The Skincare Step You Should Be Adopting (And Our Best Picks)

Essences: The Skincare Step You Should Be Adopting (And Our Best Picks)
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ust got to grips with what a serum is? Get with the program girls – time to step it up by adding in an essence….

Thought adding a serum to your regime qualified you for a complexion gold star? Then consider the women of Korea who subscribe to a whopping 11 step-process (yep, we know). Toners, serums, sleeping packs, emulsions – it’s no wonder we don’t know our essences from our elbows so we’re going to (attempt) to decode it for you.

Let’s start with toners. Most of us have heard of a toner and may even incorporate one into our skincare arsenal already, but few of us know what they actually do. In essence (pardon the pun), they’re the (rather watery fluid) you sweep over your face after cleansing to restore the skin’s PH levels and remove any residue of cleanser or dead skin cells.

Essences, (also known as a softening lotions or emulsions just to confuse things even more) are also typically watery in consistency and should be applied after toning. Being rapidly absorbed, their purpose is to infuse the skin with nutrients and moisture and prepare it for whatever you put on top of it. Still with us?

Serums on the other hand are your targeted skin-solvers. Typically thicker in consistency than an essence and containing more concentrated active ingredients, they should be tailored to your particular skincare concern/need. Geddit? 

So back to Essences. Here are our favourites:


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