Watch 100 Years Of Egyptian Beauty In 75 Seconds

Watch 100 Years Of Egyptian Beauty In 75 Seconds

Egyptian beauty has gone from clean and minimal to strong and smoky, with a feminist inspiration in the middle

100 Years Of Beauty have unveiled their latest look back, and the country in question is Egypt. From the barely-there looks of the early 1900s to 1990s bold blusher, this video recreates a century of style worn by Egyptian women, with a feminist or political inspiration behind each look. Are you ready?

When you were wearing and abaya and veil, the 1910s beauty look was all about the eyes. A soft smokey eye and black mascara is enough, with some great brows, too.  

The barely-there look of the 1920s was actually a feminist statement rather than a beauty trend, as Egyptian women ripped off their veils as a mark of liberation.

The Egyptian take on Hollywood glamour is all about a strong red lip and pinned waves, inspired by the stars of the Egyptian silver screen.

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This ‘40s look was inspired by Egyptian princess Fawzia Fuad, so no wonder that statement red pout is perfectly lined, and that glossy up-do is fit for a queen.

Thought victory rolls didn’t make it across the continent? Think again – the 1950s Egyptian woman works a subtle eyeliner flick too, inspired by Doria Skafik, who fought for Egyptian women’s right to vote. 

Big hair, smoky eye and a pale pink lip – 1960s Egyptian beauty looks a lot like the London swinging sixties, with added volume.

Egyptian screen queen Souad Hosni made bouncy curls, bright pink lips and BIG earrings a major part of the Egyptian beauty routine in the 1970s.  

This era saw a return to the veil for many women in Egypt (and even a move to the Gulf), which meant a totally fresh-faced make-up look to go with.

Moving back from the Gulf, Egyptian 1990s beauty got a lot heavier. A strong blusher game, blue eyeshadow and glossy pink lips were all popular, inspired by pop sensations at the time.

Underneath the veil? Hair is shorter, straighter and looks a lot like what women would wear now. But when the veils on, Egyptian women make the most of their eyes. 

The 2010s woman knows the power of a nude lip – and a revolution. Women wore the colours of the Egyptian flag as a headband, and that thumbprint represents the right to have a voice. 

The beauty looks of Egyptian women might be giving us eyeshadow goals right now, but make sure you watch the behind-the-scenes video of the shoot, where the team explain the real reason behind each and every style.

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