Christmas Beauty Gifts

Christmas Beauty Gifts
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Make yourself popular this Christmas with our pick of the best beauty booty on the block (they're essentially the gifts you secretly want to keep).

Sparkly powder puffs and soap on a rope? We can do better than that girls! This Christmas get the women in your life something they’ll actually want. The key to nailing the perfect prettifying pressie? It’s basically something you want for yourself. But the expert gifter knows that it’s not enough to give something that looks the part, it has to play the part too and that means skilfully tailoring it to the person you’re buying for. Sound obvious? Perhaps, but according to research it’s what women find the most difficult to master, especially when it comes to fragrance. With this in mind, we’ve enlisted the help of Master Perfumer Roja Dove for his top tips on buying fragrance for someone else to ensure you come off looking like the most thoughtful, intuitive person in the world (as well as scoring some much-needed brownie points with the in-laws along the way).

1) Think about items the person has around the house; scented candles, flowers or spices they use in the kitchen. Then look for a fragrance that contains the same basic notes.
2) Match the scent style to their clothes ie understated, glam, or casual. Alternatively, go by personality instead;
For sporty types: A mixture of citrus notes and fresh garden herbs make you feel energised.
For girlie girls: Sensual jasmine, creamy ylang ylang and cool rose.
For daydreamers: To conjure up memories of lolling about in the garden on a summer’s day, go for a fragrance that includes flowers such as orange blossom or lilac.
For urbanites: For a cool, no-nonsense scent, go for spices, woods or musk – and steer clear of florals.
For beach babes: To evoke the scent of warm, sun-kissed skin, look for a combination of musk, resin and woods, but be sure it has a zesty quality to keep the scent ;light and bright.
For the young at heart: To capture the scent of youth, delicate florals like peony and freesia are mixed with mandarin and orange scents. The result is a playful, zingy fragrance.
3) Find out their favourite season; Do they prefer spring freshness? Go for a fresh floral. Hot and heady summers?  Go for a sensual floral. Outdoor autumns? Go for a chypre. Warm, spicy winter scents? Go for an oriental.
4) Failing all, citrus scents tend to be popular with practically everyone is citrus scents, such as lemon. People find them uplifting, so they’re a safe bet.

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