Jessie J
Who can forget when Jessie J bravely had her shaved by Lenny Henry for 2013's Comic Relief?! If you need a refresher, check out the video above. Rocking an enviable blonde buzz cut, Jessie stuck with her new look for months saying, "I feel like there's no point in shaving your head for charity if you're then going to just grow it back the next day." While she's been rocking a bob for a while now, Jessie's gone for the crop again, sharing her bleach blonde chop on Instagram.


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Rose McGowan
Rose McGowan might be in the headlines for stirring up trouble on social media lately, but this Instagram stopped us in our tracks. After wearing her hair in a super-close crop for a while now, Rose has gone and shaved the whole thing off, calling it "liberating". Watch the video to see it happen!


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Jennifer Hudson
J-Hud has rocked nearly every style going since she caught our attention with her gorgeous afro curls on American Idol in 2007, from sleek locks to pixie crops. Now? Jennifer has shaved her head and is rocking a stunning buzzcut. As she captioned her Instagram post, "Who needs hair, when u serving face!"


All black every thang! Who needs hair, when u serving face !

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Tallulah Willis
Following in the footsteps of her mum Demi Moore, Tallulah Willis has shaved her head, seemingly just because. Demi (pictured at the top of this page) famously shaved her head in the film G.I. Jane and set a new precedent for celeb shaves everywhere. Quite the hairspiration. Debuting her new do' via her Instagram page on Tuesday, Tallulah is the latest celeb to embrace the bald. 


portrait of a controversial 90s Irish pop singer.

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Elle Fanning
Continuing her dramatic transformation for her latest role as a transgender teenager in her new film About Ray, Elle Fanning revealed a dramatic new buzz cut. Whether it's a wig or no, we salute you Elle for your commitment to the craft. 

Anne Hathaway
Yet another film role transformation, Anne Hathaway shocked everyone (yes, even us), when she brutally cut her hair off for her role as Fantine in the film Les Miserables. "When I eventually looked in the mirror I just thought I looked like my brother" she said, during a New York screening of the movie in 2012. 

Charlize Theron
Possibly our favourite red-carpet transformation, Charlize Theron's cropped locks gained her some serious column inches in 2013. Telling Ryan Seacrest at the 2013 Oscars, "It's the most freeing thing, I highly recommend it. I think every woman should do it." Chopping her long blonde locks for her role in the film Mad Max: Fury Road, Theron gets major pixie crop points from us. 

Karen Gillan
Famous for her uber long auburn locks, Karen Gillan parted with her trademark mane for her role as the alien Nebula in movie Guardians Of The Galaxy. Releasing a video of the moment she took the plunge, Gillan provided an hilarious commentary whilst her red hair tumbled to the floor. Kudos for laughing instead of crying Karen. Check out the video below.

Natalie Portman
Shaving her brown tresses for 2005's V For Vendetta, our never-ending girl crush Natalie Portman embraced her new look in admirable style. In a twist of fate the dramatic do' skyrocketed Portman to international fame and she later went on to win an Oscar for 2010's Black Swan. We'd like to honour Natalie with our award for Person That Might Just Look Better With A Shaved Head. Congrats!

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