Best Red Lipsticks: 10 Shades That'll Never Go Out Of Style

Best Red Lipsticks: 10 Shades That'll Never Go Out Of Style
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Red lipstick is one of the only beauty staples that never ever goes off trend. Check out our pick of shiny and matte red lipsticks for your #1...

Having been seen in make-up bags and on dressing tables for decades, red lips are synonymous with timeless glamour and elegance, as well as adding serious (and easy) sass points. Not just for special occasions, red lipstick has filtered down into our day-to-day. Whether you’re disguising a hangover, or make that shift from day to night when you thought you'd get time to go home and change, a slick red lip can be a real game-changer - but choosing one is where it gets serious.

Consider your undertone. Everyone’s picked up that one shade that looks amazing on your best friend, but turns you into a pallid zombie. Skin with warm undertones suit anything leaning towards the sunset side of the colour wheel, and will rock orange-y and brick reds amazingly. If you suit colours that are cooler, then opt for true reds or blue-based reds. This red lipstick quiz will match you to the perfect shade in seconds.

Pick a formula. Nothing shows true pigment quite like a matte lip, but since the formula doesn’t reflect any light, any rough, uneven skin can be accentuated rather than disguised. Anything creamy and hydrating will sit comfortably, and avoid any crustiness come lunchtime. A sheer wash of red lends a hazy, poetic feel, or a lacquer-like gloss is perfect if you feel like embodying some high power. 

Try them all. It’s pretty rare to find two shades of red that are exactly alike. Spend as much time as you can experimenting at beauty counters, pick up every shade in every formula, until you find one (or five) that give you a warm hug of confidence when you look in the mirror. 

We know a good red when we see one, and we’ve racked up a few firm favourites over the years (and if you're still a little daunted, go more natural with a nude lipstick....

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