Best Nude Lipstick: 10 For Perfect Polished Pouts

Best Nude Lipstick: 10 For Perfect Polished Pouts

Since nude lipstick became a thing in the early 60s, its popularity hasn't waned. But that's not to say it hasn't been a bumpy journey - as anyone who wore the TLC-style boldly-lined version in the nighties or concealer-dabbed lips in the early noughties can attest. Despite the rocky patches, there's a reason for nude lips remaining perennially chic: they look polished, and will always make lips look a little more pouty. 

Thankfully, the very pale iteration of this trend is no more - nude lipstick's current diehard champions like Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez wear hues that are a tad darker than their skin tone, usually pairing the lips with a smoky eye for a classic, Brigitte Bardot-inspired make-up look.

While we by no means are suggesting that you have to follow the crowd when it comes to picking your make-up look, taking your cue on this from the A-listers who wear it well is a good idea if you want to look enlivened and dodge that whole sickly vibe. 

A few nude lips tips:

1) Hold the bullet up to your lips before you buy. Honestly the best lipstick tip we've ever been given - and the quickest way to see if a lipstick works with your skin colour. If the lipstick makes your face look healthy and glowing, done. If it washes you out, it's not right for you.

2) Consider undertones. Just as sometimes you need a blush and sometimes bronzer, different undertones will do different things to  your face. If you need a shot of pinkiness in your nude, opt for that. If you need a more honey hue, find one like that.

3) Gloss makes it less scary. We get it: flat. nude lips is a big look. If you're after something a little more entry level, try a lip gloss layered on top - it adds a bit of oomph and life to the lips, and will make them look even fuller. 

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