Best Hair Supplements

Best Hair Supplements
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It’s a fact: taking hair supplements can help your hair grow not only thicker but longer too. Try one of these standout hair heroes for a swishable mane in no time...

It’s a fact: taking hair supplements can help your hair grow not only thicker but longer too. So if you took the plunge and went for the Kim Kardashian crop or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley bob fear not, you can grow it all back and have a swishable mane of your own again.  And with all the hairstyles on the spring/summer runways having some serious length you’ll want to start on a daily hair pill-popping regime pronto! Whether slicked back and tight like the sumo-style buns at Carolina Herrera or worn down in the loose bohemian waves that ruled the runways at Matthew Williamson and Emilio Pucci, you’ll need healthy tresses with some serious guts if you want to trial the season’s hottest hair trends (trust us, you will!).

Of course you can fake plumped up strands with an arsenal of thickening and volumising creams, gels and sprays or even with the A-list’s number one go-to – custom-made hair extensions – to get your own red-carpet worthy barnet, but they’re all temporary solutions.

So how to get Gisele’s beachy tresses without the product kit? Try one of these standout hair supplements. They truly work giving hair some sizeable guts. We know, we know, popping a pill for Rapunzel-esque tresses still sounds too good to be true. But it’s all about finding the right product. Look for a dedicated formula made for hair, skin and nails packed with hair-friendly ingredients such as biotin, silica, vitamins B and C, iron, protein and omega oils. Or opt for one of these ingredients on its own to ensure you’re getting its maximum effect. If you stick to a daily pill-popping routine you’ll see thicker, longer hair in six weeks, trust us. The added bonus? Hair grows faster during warmer weather so spring is the perfect time to start your new hair-friendly routine.

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