Best Fake Tan: 19 To Get Your Legs Spring Ready

Best Fake Tan: 19 To Get Your Legs Spring Ready
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We might be loving the fact that the sun's out, but getting our pasty limbs out is a whole other story. Check out our round-up of the best fake tans to make sure you really do get that all-over gorgeous glow...

Even if you’ve managed to squeeze in a little beach vacay round Christmas, it’s probably pretty much worn off since you’ve been back in the office and there’s nothing wrong with boosting the colour as well as making it last. (Here’s how to maintain a tan.)

Thankfully, fake tanning formulas are just getting better and better, and a gorgeous healthy all-year-round glow is a genuine possibility. Not only does it make you feel fresher and less like hibernating but it won't damage your skin like those pesky UV rays. All in all, it's definitely worth it.

How to apply fake tan? Our best fake tan tips are to apply it before bed, sleep in loose clothing you don't mind getting bronzed, and then wash it off in the morning to minimise that infamous biscuity smell. (Hashtag fake tan problems.) And don't forget the mitt to avoid that classic error: tanned palms. If all goes wrong, never fear - here's how to remove fake tan, in three simple steps.

When it comes to fake tan, we're sort of past the point where anything goes. We want bespoke, natural-looking tans that last, with no rogue streaks or tell-tale tidemarks. But with so many products out there, it's easy to get stuck using your old favourite without trying the new-on-the scene formulas – which might actually be better suited to your needs. Or, you may be braving it au natch this year - are you team faux tan or no tan?

Even if you’re generally a natural look girl, we can all do with a bronze boost once in a while — just check out the best fake tans for pale skin, like Madame La La in Light and Clarins’ Liquid Bronze which you just add to a moisturiser. The formula is also one of the best fake tans for sensitive skins. If you just want something failsafe, try the best gradual tanners.

The need for natural, which has overcome the beauty industry in the last few years, has reached the tanning world too. Though in the past, organic products may not have filled people with optimism, there’s nowadays there’s some serious self-tanning contenders. The best natural fake tan we’ve tried is TanOrganic — an easy-to-apply oil that actually smells perfectly pleasant.

From the classic St Tropez to James Read’s game-changing range, here's our tried and tested top mousses, creams and sprays for your body and face...

Need a bronzer to match your tan? Powder matches you with the best ones for you...

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