Every Brilliant Fake Tan You Need To Know About

Every Brilliant Fake Tan You Need To Know About
Vincenzo Grillo

Winter socialising is tricky enough what with braving the cold and funds being limited. Throw in lily white limbs when you'd prefer something more bronzed, and things get distinctly trickier. Don't worry; fake tanning formulas are just getting better and better, so now quickly achieving a bit of bronze without any of the damage of pesky UV rays or telltale streaks is a distinct - and believable - possibilty.  And a mercifully speedy one, if you opt for a formula that develops quickly.

Before you get going, you should probably read up on how to apply fake tan; even the best formula will look caked and streaky if applied to skin that isn't properly prepped. And, yes, that means exfoliation and moisturising. Also, don't apply yours and then just squeeze yourself back into your skinnies - instead, wear loose-fitting clothing and make sure you read the instructions on when to wash it off so that you look tanned, not tangoed. 

If you're not a seasoned fake tanner and therefore aren't au fait with the myriad pitfalls, make sure you apply with a mitt - tanned palms are not a good look on anyone. Also, try deploying the advice we got from top tanner to the stars James Read and apply a thin layer to your armpits - avoiding it is a tell-tale sign of a fake tan. That said, the bottom of your feet and your palms are no-go zones. Finally, make sure you wipe any tan out of brows and from your hairline. We've got you covered if the worst happens, though - here's how to remove fake tan in three simple steps.

Now, all you have to do is pick the fake tan for you. A final hint before you plough into the gallery: creams, gels and mousses have come on a long way, so choose the formula that best fits your skin type and that you feel comfortable using. Now, to the edit of our tried and tested winners... 

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