Laters, Puffiness And Bags! Our Tried And Tested Best Eye Creams

Laters, Puffiness And Bags! Our Tried And Tested Best Eye Creams
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As a beauty editor, I’m often peppered with questions about skincare. More specifically, I’m asked about wrinkles and ageing. And more specifically than that, I’m asked about what on earth can be done about the lines around eyes.

My answer is always the same: a good approach to reducing wrinkles is multi-pronged. Diet plays a role. Genetics, too. And, yes, eye cream is crucial; without it, the thin skin around eyes (around 40% thinner than the skin on the rest of your face) is more vulnerable - and more prone to losing water to the environment, which invariably leads to deeper wrinkles.

If you’re struggling with picking one that’s just right for your concerns, you’re in luck: in this edit you’ll find the best eye creams for puffiness, crow’s feet, extreme dryness and just about every other issue you might have. If you're after a more general approach, this edit of the best anti-ageing creams is certainly worth checking out.

While your choice of cream is important, how you apply it almost has as much of an impact. Don’t drag, but smooth and tap (preferably using your ring finger, which will apply the least pressure on the delicate area). Also, consider cooling your product to reduce puffiness and inflammation.

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