Best Dark Lipsticks: 10 Vampy Shades For A High Fashion Pout

Best Dark Lipsticks: 10 Vampy Shades For A High Fashion Pout
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We try not to take it as a general rule, but if Kendall says dark lipstick is in, then we're on board. Here's our pick of the best dark lipsticks for the ultimate vampy pout...

We’re obsessed with finding the ultimate edit of best dark lipsticks. Like, it’s getting a little unhealthy. Ever since Kendall walked down that Dior runway working a moody, broody almost black lipstick, we’ve been totally on board with the dark lipstick hype.

From burgundy and bordeaux to cherry, blackberry and even dark brown, there’s a dark lipstick for everyone. And we know what you’re thinking and, yes, you totally can pull off uber dark lipstick. No, it might not be for everyday or wearing to your Monday morning catch up conference, but swap out your regular red for one of these dark lipsticks and you’ve got an instant desk-to-drinks makeup update. And, trust, your friends will be totes jealous that you’re cool enough to work such a statement pout.

Let’s face it, if Kendall and Dior say dark lipstick is in, then we’re fully on board. The easiest nod to this season’s nu-goth vibe (because tbh we won’t be working crazy pale skin and panda eyes thank you very much) a dark lipstick transforms your daytime makeup into instantly edgy AF awesomeness. Yes, that’s a thing.

From Charlotte Tilbury’s blackberry lipstick perfect for beginners to Anna Sui’s slightly bolder glittery black star shape shade, we’ve found the best dark lipsticks there is. Whatever your skin tone, there’s one to suit you. Working porcelain skin? Go for a blue toned purple shade. Olive skin or darker? A warm dark brown looks way casual or amp it up with an almost black shade for extra drama.

It’s time to get your vamp on and check out our edit of the best dark lipsticks you need to get your hands on.

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