10 Multi-Tasking CC Creams For 100% Perfect Skin

10 Multi-Tasking CC Creams For 100% Perfect Skin
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CC creams are the industry's answer to the needs of our world-weary skin. From a CC cream that corrects redness to one that brightens the complexion, these multi-tasking formulas are a must and we've rounded up the best 10...

CC creams are the industry's answer to the needs of our world-weary skin. With these wonder creams taking over the beauty world, nearly overtaking BB creams as the beauty industry's most sought-after product, we’ve tried and tested the best and found the top 10.

Firstly, what is CC cream? Contrary to popular belief, they’re not the same as a BB cream. While the latter stands for ‘blemish balm’ or ‘beauty balm’, CC stands for Colour Control, Colour Correction or Complexion Corrector - depending on which brand you opt for.

Like BB creams they boost skincare properties, provide SPF protection, tackle the signs of ageing and keep skin hydrated and moisturised. Like a multi-purpose tinted moisturiser, but with a thinner, lighter formula and the added benefit of colour-correcting technology. Why CC creams are particularly great is, as well as covering or correcting any less than a perfect skin tone, they can reduce dark spots and redness, and actually brighten the complexion.

Where BB creams are like a light foundation with skincare benefits, you can choose a CC cream that addresses your individual needs. Unsurprisingly, they are a real game-changer. In the past the prospect of barely there make-up filled us with fear, but now it’s an actual possibility and perfect for the hot summer months as the texture is lighter on the skin.

This season, natural-look skin was big on the catwalks so CC creams are bigger than ever – because, what do you need to feel comfortable with a barely-there complexions? To sort out your skin woes. Models at Marc Jacobs went literally make-up free, but you can work the trend without being so 100%. Go for a dewy, fresh-faced finish with a CC cream. Complete the look with a tinted lipbalm.

From Bourjois CC Cream to L'Oreal CC Cream, check out InStyle's round-up of the 10 best formulas and find one perfect for you...

Get to work on perfecting your complexion before you apply your CC cream of choice. Check out our sister site Powder to find skincare recommendations that are tailored to you.

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