Best Body Scrubs: 12 We Love That Aren't Mean To The Planet

Best Body Scrubs: 12 We Love That Aren't Mean To The Planet
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We’ve rounded up the best body scrubs just for you, because we’re lovely and generous. You’re welcome.

Body scrubs are hot topic at the moment, with microbeads being the buzzword to look out for. If you’ve missed this discussion completely, where on earth have you been?

To recap, some cosmetics - like body scrubs and facial exfoliators - contain teeny tiny plastic microbeads that get washed down our drains as we shower, into the sewers and eventually end up on the ocean’s floor. Plankton and fish then think they’re food, so chow down. These plastic beads sit in their stomachs, which can kill them, cause drastic changes to their reproductive and feeding patterns and expose us and birds, as fish-eaters, to the plastic particles. So yeah, bad. There are international campaigns taking place all over the world against the use of microbeads and six days ago, MPs called for a worldwide ban on their use in cosmetics. Alexia Inge, co-founder of uber-chic beauty website, says: ‘The minute I first discovered these beads were bad for the environment I banned any product from the site that contained them and that was two years ago.’

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Don’t start boycotting body scrubs though! There are plenty of eco-friendly versions out there that work just as well. Plus, there’s nothing more pleasing than creating an at home spa in your bathroom. Light some candles, pop some Enya on and get scrubbing. Slough away that dead skin to reveal super smooth and supple skin. Start at your ankles and move your way up in circular movements. This action will help boost circulation and drain your lymph nodes, which works nicely on any pesky orange peel.

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If you have sensitive skin, avoid coarse or sugar-based as they will be a little too rough for you gentle types and opt for something less abrasive. If you have extremely dry skin that just won’t shift, then pick one that’s rich in moisturising shea butter or oil.

These are the best body scrubs we're in love with that also happen to be kind to the fish!



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