Best Beauty Buys 2016: The Winners Are In!

Best Beauty Buys 2016: The Winners Are In!
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Best Beauty Buys 2016 have arrived...

Being a beauty editor can sometimes feel a bit like being a doctor (bear with me on this one…)

Whether you’re at a dinner party or in a queue for the portaloos at a festival the one thing people want to know (after they’ve asked you to diagnose their greasy roots/persistent pimples/dry elbows) is what you use. Not what you write about – the products that actually make it home from our legendary Instyle ‘beauty cupboard’. And it was the same for me whilst poring over the results from the judges - the industry’s God’s gifts to hair, make-up and skin (we’re talking THE beauty heavyweights here in case I didn’t stress the point enough). The products they genuinely use both professionally and personally are the products I personally want in my make-up bag and on my bathroom shelves – afterall, these guys are our beauty heros.

We’re now in our 15th year of Best Beauty Buys (I know, I know, we look so young on it too…) and with 110 winners, the awards are bigger (and in my humble, if slightly weary, opinion) better than ever before with a couple of cheeky new category additions (quite literally in the case of ‘best contouring product’) reflecting how quickly the beauty industry responds to demand (thank you Kim K et al).

Whether you’re looking for a quick fix (aka the beauty equivalent of polyfiller) or a longer term skincare strategy we have the product for you. Better still, they’ve already been road-tested by the best in the biz. It’s always nice to see my personal favourites win (Urban Decay’s 24/7 eyeliner, MAC’s Blot Powder, Sisley’s Black Rose face Mask and Pureology haircare for those interested) but I loved the fact that the judges threw a few curveballs in there too (I’m totally trying Evo’s leave-in conditioner next time I wash my hair).

This year’s beauty booty sorted? You’re welcome!

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