The 7 Best BB Creams For A Fresh Glowy Complexion

The 7 Best BB Creams For A Fresh Glowy Complexion
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BB creams are an absolute lifesaver. Not only do they have multiple benefits for your complexion but they’re real multi-taskers — meaning you’ll save time and room in your make-up bag. We've tried, tested and found the best for all skin types, budgets and beauty needs...

Once upon a time, there were only foundations. For those after full-coverage, that was well and good, but what about everyone else? What about the whole army of women who live in London and want a little buttery buffer between skin and the city air? What about the women who have an almost perfect complexion but want to apply a little unifying pigment and also have the joys of juicy skin? For these people, BB creams are a revelation.

Providing just a little more coverage than a tinted moisturiser and all the lovely skincare benefits of a moisturiser, BB creams (the ‘BB’ stands for Blemish Balm) were first developed in Germany by dermatologists who were eager to provide their post-surgical patients with a make-up option that would also cosset their healing skin. Korea ran with the idea and produced BBs by the bucketload, which were eagerly snapped up by skin-savvy customers who’ve since become loyal to the power of the BB.

Now, the BB cream is ubiquitous. You’ll find most brands have one, with benefits ranging from concealing, priming, and brightening, to controlling oil production and providing UV protection. You can also expect your BB cream to help your skin over time, just as good skincare does. Think lighter patches of pigmentation and reduced dryness, along with anything from tighter-looking pores to fewer flare ups of redness. For a personalised match for your skin, look no further than this quick BB cream quiz.

The thing all BB creams have in common is that they combine coverage with skincare, offering the ideal option if you’re after both in the one whammy. You can typically expect a BB cream to finish up looking dewy, though now that formulas are diversifying, you can expect to find a variety of different end results.

The key, as always, lies in finding just the right one for you. That’s where our edit comes in… 

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