Bespoke Designer Perfume Bottles

Bespoke Designer Perfume Bottles
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Terry Hill

A birthday wouldn't be the same without some gift-wrapped perfume, so for our 10th anniversary, the fashion house elite have really spoilt us - creating beautiful bespoke, one-in-the-world bottle designs of their iconic scents, exclusively for InStyle and you!

All five of these fabulous bespoke bottles are being sold in aid of the charity Mothers4Children for £250 each. If you fancy owning one for your dressing table, they go on sale on Monday 12 September 2011. CLICK HERE for your chance to buy one of these handmade, one-off bottles by the wrold's finest fashion designers; and each design comes with the original scent, so you'll still have one to spritz. But there are only FIVE, so it's first come, first served. HURRY!

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