In Pursuit Of The Perfect ‘Pit – Why We Should Learn To Love Our Underarms

In Pursuit Of The Perfect ‘Pit – Why We Should Learn To Love Our Underarms

Armpits. You probably hate them, but I’m talking about them – and here’s why

Armpits aren’t the most attractive part of anyone’s body - unless you’re into them in a fetishy way, did you know there’s an entire community dedicated to Taylor Swift’s armpits?! - but newsflash! We all have them, and it’s about time we started talking about them in a normal way.

After Priyanka Chopra’s pits were Photoshopped to supposed perfection in a recent photoshoot, Instagram are up in arms (literally) over why we can’t just let armpits be armpits, stubble and all. Not only do most of us shave, wax, epilate and laser them for approximately half a century of our life, now it seems it’s not even acceptable to have those completely normal folds and creases in your underarm. Sigh. Priyanka took to Twitter to vent her frustration...

I’ll admit I’m self conscious about my own armpits. As a dark-haired, relatively light-skinned woman myself, I understand the struggle of always having a dark shadow on my underarms, no matter how recently I shaved or waxed. I got teased about it in school and to this day I wouldn’t walk around with my arms in the air like I just don’t care… because I do care.

In pursuit of the perfect pit, woman are even using skin lightening creams and deodorants, as well as lemons, potatoes, orange peel and even vinegar to lighten armpit shadow, which, by the way, is a totally natural response to sun exposure and hormones. Unsurprisingly, these treatments are most used by women with darker skin tones (shout out to mixed race girls like me with light skin and dark hair – the struggle is real), but fair-haired ladies have the same issue.

Acting Digital Editor Amie-Jo says ‘everyone assumes that if you are fair that you don't suffer a 5 o'clock armpit shadow, but believe me, for blondes the struggles are real. The hair on my legs is fine as a fairy's moustache but the pit hair? Darker than Ramsay Bolton's soul. And it's annoying. I shave under there and within hours, I have a pit shadow (insert sad face)’.

Rubbing potatoes under your arm to fit into society’s expectation of what a beautiful armpit looks like?! Surely we’ve reached a point where we can say this is officially ridiculous. So, ladies, this is a call to arms – love your armpits, no matter what they look like.  

There’s even an armpit-sniffing dating service (if you’re into that)

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