Steal Georgia May's Rainbow Hair Without Blowing The Budget

Steal Georgia May's Rainbow Hair Without Blowing The Budget

Georgia May Jagger, Rita Ora and Britney are all doing it and we want in. Beauty Assistant and hair colour chameleon George Driver went guinea pig to discover how to get this season's perfect pastel hair - at home and in the salon...

We've all seen the amazing pics, the models with rainbow hair that inexplicably changes colour every couple of weeks (Georgia May Jagger and Chloe Norgaard we blame and love you for this) and it's safe to say Rita Ora's pastel pink locks and Britney's mermaid inspired 'do at this year's Teen Choice Awards are giving us serious hair envy. 

And don't even talk to us about sand art hair. It's too much for our Pinterest boards to take.

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But fear not! If, like us, you fancy adding a bit of bubblegum or a dash of My Little Pony, there are ways to make the rainbow dream a reality. Whether at home or in the salon, achieving pastel perfection is within your grasp, bankruptcy not required.


The On Trend Salon Colour

Hitting last year's fashion month with a whirlwind of pastel magic, Wella's Instamatic Pop Up Salon had us at hello. So it was music to our ears when they announced that the awesome rainbow colours would be available in Wella salons all over the country. Result. The best bit? The colours start at just £15. That's less than a pair of Primark shoes. Just about anyway...

But what does Instamatic even mean? Wella Professionals Global Creative Director Josh Wood let us in on the facts. The six Instamatic pastel shades are part of Wella's Color Touch range which means it's semi-permanent colour that packs a punch. Taking on the latest trend for multi-coloured locks, the Instamatic shades are designed to create colour pops that are super fashion forward but with a muted grunge twist. It's 2015's updated take on the trend and has a softer, more diffused feel. Perfect. The 90s neon troll look is so not cool.

How to choose?! If you're already blonde, Josh suggests an all over wash of pinks and purples. Ask for Smokey Amethyst, Muted Mauve and Pink Dream applied unevenly throughout your hair for a softer, more textured take on the pastel pink dip-dye trend that was everywhere last year.

If you're more on the brunette side of life you may have to have sections of your hair bleached before the colour is put on so it shows up. This WILL cost extra but if rainbow hair is what you want, these are the breaks.

The DIY  Moment

One for the more confident home hair dyers but never fear, it's easy to get a multi-coloured mane if you know how. Again, it's much easier if you have lighter blonde hair as the colour will show up much better. If not, BLEACH's Total Bleach Kit, £7 is perfect. Simple to use, this can be applied to smaller sections to strip pigment from your hair or can be applied all over. If in doubt, go to a salon for an all over bleach to avoid brassy blonde disasters. Nicole Richie circa The Simple Life is NOT the one. We're obsessed with the new BLEACH salon on Soho's Berwick Street. The pastel pink foam sofa at the hairwashing station is enough to make us want to spend days in there.

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Keep orange tones at bay at home with BLEACH's Silver Shampoo and Conditioner. Use regularly on normal hair, or for dry or fine hair, use once a week as a hair mask and leave on for ten minutes. Platinum locks will be yours in no time.

Hair bleached, there are a couple of rainbow roads you can go down. If you want full on colour go for one of BLEACH's Super Cool Colours which range from bright red to pale pink. Their newest shade Violet Skies is the perfect muted lavender and looks great streaked through blonde hair.

FUN TIP: For an all over tint or if you want a more pastel shade, mix your chosen colour with regular conditioner and leave on for ten minutes when washing.

IMPORTANT TIP: If green is your thing then be warned, darker green colours on light blonde hair will take a long time to wash out. Even if it's semi-permanent, green has a reputation for staining.

If semi-permanent is still too permanent for your liking, try out BLEACH's Rose Shampoo and Conditioner for a more subtle look. Used on blonde hair, these will leave a light pink residue resulting in hair with a pale rose or peachy hue.

Fun, sassy, and as changeable as your outfit, go down the rainbow road for guaranteed compliments. And when it's less commitment than a spray tan (and way cooler), why not?

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