VIDEO: Prep Your Feet For The Party Season Without Splurging On A Pricey Pedi

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Grab your Jimmy Choo's and hit the dancefloor knowing that you're feet are in tip-top condition regardless of how many shapes you throw...

Ladies, lets face it; regardless of the torture that your favourite pair of ultra high-heels puts you through each time you wear them, you'll always come running (or hobbling) back for more. And, with the party season firmly fixed on the horizon, you can bet you'll be seeing a lot more of your sky-scraper collection in the next few weeks than you have done all year long. 

In anticipation of your new, towing heights we've whittled down the tips and blister-busting rituals you can do for yourselves at home to get your feet in perfect shape for the festive season. 

As InStyle's Beauty Editor, Malena Harbers, explains in our exclusive video above, prepping your feet starts with getting them back to their super-soft best. To do this, simply add a dash of body or face oil to a basin of warm water and let your feet soak in all of the enriching oils. After five minutes, take your tootsies out and rub them down with a towel and voila; you'll have baby-soft feet in a flash. 

Even the most tired of feet can be rejuvenated with minimal effort. If you're looking for a more intense boost, we recommend using an overnight moisture-boosting lotion on your feet. The Body Shop has come up trumps with it's very own foot rescue remedy that not only works on hard skin and dry heels while you dream about Ryan Gosling, but it'll also leave your feet smelling divine. Check it out here

Speaking as a self-confessed shoe-groupie, InStyle's Digital Fashion & Beauty Writer Maxine Eggenberger reveals the tricks she uses to tackle wearing heels day in, day out. 

'Wearing heels is one of my favourite past-times but if you don't follow the precautions, you'll find yourself teetering home with your shoes in hand and some very cold toes to boot. First and foremost, the one thing that's always in my handbag is a pack of Compeed blister plasters. As soon as I start to feel a nip on my feet, I quickly fix one into place; they stay in position perfectly and will instantly soothe the inflamed-tissue around your sore spot. They've saved me from having to call it quits on a night out more times than I can count.' 

'Another rule I practically live by during the party season is to vary my heel styles. Wearing one pair continually will focus on the same pressure points each time but, by putting your heels on rotation, you won't cause too much damage in the same specific places. Knowing your heel height limit is imperative too; I know that I can last hours on 10cm heels but anything over that has a cap. Work out your heel happy spot and use it accordingly.' 

'Lastly, I always make sure to put on my shoes when my feet are cool and, thus, at their smallest; it'll help you wiggle into even the most fiddly of shoes and will start your night out on a good foot (sorry, it had to be done...). Try dipping your feet in some cold water, drying them off and then smoothing them down with moisturiser to nourish them and keep them looking their best all evening long. Ideal if you're wearing sexy-strap sandals.' 

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Jimmy Choo's and hit the dancefloor knowing that you're feet are in tip-top condition, regardless of how many shapes you throw...

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By Maxine Eggenberger

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