Video: How To Stop Your Nail Polish Going Bumpy

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We've all been there; you're in that preening mood, paint your nails and the polish goes bumpy. We spoke to manicure expert Jenny Longworth about how to get salon-perfect talons, and it was the best advice we've ever heard...

It's up there with the most bothersome beauty issues; when you take time to do a DIY manicure - with the base coat, top coat and all - and the polish goes bumpy.

Thankfully, help is at hand from the UK Ambassador for Revlon Nails, Jenny Longworth, who has let us into an insider secret. That quick shake you do before you open the bottle? Stop it. It causes lots of tiny bubbles in the varnish for about half an hour which you can't see but create that flawed finish. 

Think that's annoying? It isn't just bad for aesthetics but it's more likely to make the nail varnish peel off which in turn will damage the condition of your nails. 

To avoid everything about this nail nightmare, Jenny has a handy tip that'll get your talons salon-perfect. Watch the video and see...

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