Video: How To Multitask Your Blush

Because sometimes we don't want to carry our entire make-up kit everywhere we go

We all lead busy lives, right? So who out of us doesn't try and cut corners when it comes to applying make-up, or make a product work doubly hard if it means we can forgo another. There's only so much you can apply on the bus to work without turning the seat next to you into your own personalised beauty counter, after all/

And if ever you've found yourself caught out and about without your full make-up bag, and know there's no way of getting it back before you have to be at that dinner/party/date, then you've no doubt used one product several ways.

Blusher is perhaps the most versatile of the bunch, and make-up expert Shela Sheik has a nifty trick up her sleeve for those very occasions when you need to multitask a product. Plus, who wants to lug about the entire contents of the make-up kit? Our bags are fit to burst as it is.

So, watch the video and take heed of Shela's advice: double your blusher as an eyeshadow. Pink and peachy tones work best, but anything with too much glitter is best avoided…

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