VIDEO: How To Get Thicker Lashes

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No-one likes a wimpy lash, least of all the InStyle team, so our very own beauty editor has been sharing her secrets on how to get a wow-worthy flutter...

There's nothing that spoils a wow-worthy look like wimpy lashes. We've all been there; when you just can't achieve the effect you want.

Thankfully, our very own beauty editor and self-confessed mascara obsessor Malena Harbers has been sharing her secrets on how to get that 'dark fluttery fringe'.

The best thing about them? Her advice doesn't require you to splash out on new products, it can be done with what you have in your make-up bag.

From application to a few insider tips, she'll get you an incredible lash look in no time. Watch it now, try it out this evening and wait for the compliments to roll in... 

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