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Few things transform a face so easily than curled lashes. Here's how to give yours that all important lift, without a visit to the salon

With the party season just around the corner (hard to imagine with the unseasonably warm weather, we know), our minds are tuning to festive dos, and, most importantly, what we'll wear to them.

When it comes to party make-up, the world is your oyster: it's a real time to go a bit OTT, especially for the magpies amongst us, who can't resist a bit of sparkle.

Whether you're someone who likes a statement lip over a dramatic eye, or prefers to keep things simple with a subtle bit of shimmer, everyone will no doubt agree that the one thing that's a must are big lashes.

While there are many mascaras that deliver on their promise to give high-impact lashes, sometimes they need a little extra help to stay looking plump and curled, especially if you're heading straight out for drinks from the office. Lash lift treatments have recently become available, which will keep lashes curled for up to eight weeks, depending on the length and volume of your lashes.

But if you don't have time to visit the salon, there's a simple way you can give your lashes a DIY lift at home. All you need is a pair of eyelash curlers, a hairdryer, and a couple of minutes to spare. Watch the video above for Cassie Steer's brilliantly quick tip on how to achieve it.

Finish off with a couple of sweeps from one of our best mascaras, and your eyes will need little else...

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