Video: How To Find Your Perfect Red

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Red lipstick can be hard to get right, but once you've found 'the one' there'll be no going back. InStyle's beauty director Cassie Steer shares her insider advice on how to choose which shade will suit your complexion and it's the best advice we've ever heard...

There's nothing in our make-up bags quite as timeless as a red lipstick. Forget primers and CC creams, the red lipstick has been around for centuries and it's not going out of style any time soon.

The big problem many people encounter? Finding a shade to suit their complexion. Think red lipstick simply isn't for you? Think again. You could be a Gwen Stefani, you just haven't found the one yet...

Thankfully, our beauty director Cassie Steer has shared her 10-second insider secret to choosing a shade to suit you - and it's not just based on that baffling blue or yellow toned skin thing, she'll steer you through the lipstick minefield with this one seriously simple tip. 

Check out our video and you'll be wowing with your perfect red pout in no time... 

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