Video: How To Create Volume

Want matte looking texture with loads of volume? Here's the super-easy way to achieve it wherever you are...

Save for a serious wardrobe malfunction, there's nothing more certain to ruin your look than limp, lifeless hair.

Whether you want to make a splash on a big night out, or just want to pep up a daytime outfit, nothing adds va-va-voom to your look better than a voluminous, lustrous 'do. But, sadly, not all of us our blessed with Blake Lively's bouncy locks, or Kristen Stewart's textured crop. And despite a good half hour under the hairdryer, the minute we step out of the door our hair falls flat.

So if you're looking for a way to zhuzh up your hair without having to spend hours in the salon, then listen to what hair stylist Luke Hersheson – the UK ambassador for Kerastase – has to say.

Firstly, never underestimate the power of your fingers and hands to create volume – running your hands through your mane is always going to help create volume. And this is one case where more is more when it comes to using product. Don't be shy with that dry shampoo says Luke.

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