VE Day: Get the '40s Beauty Look

VE Day: Get the '40s Beauty Look

It's VE day, hurrah! What better excuse to embrace our inner pin-up girl with some vintage '40s makeup? Make-up pro Ruby Hammer tells us how...

'When recreating the '40s look it's really important to remember supplies weren't so abundant. In war time luxury really meant luxury so this is going to be a slight 2015 version of the classic glam look.'

It's All About The Brows

'In the '40s most of the emphasis was on a good brow. Keep yours slightly fuller but very groomed. Using a pencil is great for this, I love Bobbi Brown's Automatic Brow Pencil, £29.50, which comes with a really handy brush on the end.'

Less Flaws Please

'Women kept skin looking good with a powder compact. A modern version would be Laura Mercier's Pressed Setting Powder, £25.' Lightly dust over foundation for a flawless matte finish. Going to the ladies to powder your nose is actually a thing now.

Feeling Flushed

'1940s blusher was a bit of a flush on the cheeks. Most of the time women rubbed a little of their lipstick into their cheeks but if you weren't lucky enough to get your hands on that, a pinch on the apples of each cheek would have to do. For 2015, I love Bourjois' Little Round Pot Cream Blush £7.99, in a coral shade. It's long lasting and has a powdery finish, perfect for the '40s look.'

Lip Service

'Lips were the focus of the '40s. Everything from true reds and blue reds to strong corals and pinks. Nude lips were not an option! For a true retro look use long lasting pigment rich lipsticks like Elizabeth Arden's Beautiful Colour Moisturising Lipstick in Bold Red, £21 (and until the 10th May £5 from each lipstick sold will be donated to The Royal British Legion).'

Bat For Lashes

'Mascara would have been a black Max Factor cake type mascara which women would have applied with a brush. We're lucky to have so much choice now in every brand and price point but back then it was another story.  Mascara really gave length and volume came from false lashes if women were lucky enough to get hold of them.'

Draw The Line

'As well as defining eyes, eye pencils also came in handy to draw lines on on the back of legs to mimic stockings which were rare with everything being rationed.'

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