The InStyle Bride: Wedding Make-Up Tips From The Experts

The InStyle Bride: Wedding Make-Up Tips From The Experts

InStyle's resident bride-to-be Lucy Pavia asked the beauty industry's hottest hair, nail and skin experts for tips on a perfect wedding day look


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's go-to hairdresser George Northwood says:
"DO be yourself. If you usually wear your hair down go for a half up/half down style, or a styled down do. Likewise if you’re prone to wearing your hair up, do so on your big day. You want to feel like you in the photos!
DON'T make a last-minute change of colour. If you fancy experimenting with the shade try and take the plunge at least 6 weeks before the big day. Otherwise you may find you don’t like the colour and it could be too late!
George's hero product:
Redken Pillow Proof Primer (£15.50) will give your style longevity. It primes the hair making it easier to work and lasts much longer throughout the day. Having lasting hold is essential for such a long day, so a good hairspray is essential. And lots of it. Redken Control Addict 28 is a strong hairspray without the crispiness."



Award-winning bridal make-up artist Sarah Brock says:

"DO apply your makeup in sheer, fine layers. This will ensure that your makeup stays on for the duration of the day (thick layers can 'slide' off the face with heat) and will also give you a sophisticated, natural look that will enhance your best features.

DON'T apply too much face powder! Yes it is important to 'set' your make up, but apply too much and it will make your makeup look cakey and dry within hours. Apply a small amount where needed in the morning and take a compact for touch ups during the day.

On the wedding morning, I recommend to my brides to use the Chanel Commage Microperlé Maximum Radiance Exfoliating Gel - massaging this on to damp skin for just one minute smoothes the skins surface and adds radiance to the dullest of complexions, and then simply rinse the product off.  Follow this with the perfect base for your make up - my favourite lightweight moisturiser for brides is the Chanel Hydra Beauty Crème (£50) followed by a sheer layer of Le Blanc de Chanel (£33) for a pretty glow. The last step in achieving the perfect complexion is foundation - the new Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet Foundation makes skin look divine."

Get inspiration

Chanel runs tailor-made bridal beauty consultations at its Covent Garden store, covering everything from the perfect scent to wear on the day to DIY tips on skin prepping, foundation, eye shadow, conturing - the works. It's a fun thing to do with your bridesmaids before the big day. £50 for a 90 minute session. Call 0207 240 2001 to book an appointment.


Top manicurist Steph Mendiola says:

"DO have your wedding manicure done by a professional. Not only does it take the stress off your mind and allow an hour of 'you time', but let's face it, your wedding day should be a day of you being pruned to perfection, don't let that stop at your finger or toe tips!

DON’T forget the trusty cuticle oil, not only does it hydrate and nourish, but hides a multitude of sins for those who have dry nails and cuticles; you never know when the photographer might take that close up photo of your hands with those rings!

The key to a perfect manicure starts with the prep. A clean manicure with excellent cuticle work instantly lengthens the nail visually.
1) Take the length all down to a short and natural 'fingertip' length, in all honesty, as long as they are clean, the same shape and painted beautifully, they'll look just as presentable.
2) The other option if you don't have the time is to apply stick ons. There are a few good ones on the high street, which look amazing as long as they're applied properly and with precision.
3) If you have a bit more time than option 2, another is to try gel manicures. Whether your nails are short or long, this is an instant fix and a lifesaver in terms of no smudging or drying time, which means a worry-free mani in no time. It might even last till after the honeymoon!

Steph’s hero product: Apply only a little spec at the cuticle end of the nail and gently massage for an instant spruce. I highly recommend the Gelish Nourish cuticle oil (£11.99). It smells great and does the job, but most importantly, it's quickly absorbed and doesn't leave the shiny oily look of most cuticles oils so you won’t stain your gorgeous wedding dress."


By Lucy Pavia / @lucypavia


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