The Best Fake Tan Tips

The Best Fake Tan Tips

InStyle's Associate Editor is always receiving compliments for her glowing skin. So when she revealed her tan came straight from the bottle, we made her share her best fake tan tips...

It’s safe to assume that, until a year ago, I was very much a fake tan virgin.  A lifelong sun lover, I’ve never felt the need. Then I had a child. It took me a few years to learn that sunbathing was very much a thing of the past. So I began to experiment. Here’s what I learnt in my quest to get my [fake] glow on...

1. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate (one of Gwyneth’s mantras.) Just like a real tan, a fake one will last much longer on smooth limbs. Plus flakey skin is ageing, even if one has perfected the bronzed goddess look.

2. Invest in a mitt and foam tan. The Daddy of combinations to achieve the most even tan coverage. I’ve also learnt to keep rubbing in even when the mousse seems evenly distributed, and the mitt mousse-less. This is key on areas like the feet and hands as it gives a more gradual finish to the parts where the real sun wouldn’t tan (like in-between the fingers.)

3. Don’t shave your legs for 48 hours after you’ve applied the product. It takes off the top layer of your skin…and with it your tan, straight down the plughole.

4. STAY AWAY FROM THE TAN when tipsy. Whilst practice does indeed make perfect, this doesn’t apply when one has been participating in a sherry (or two.) Any drunk disasters can, however, be exfoliated away (with a body brush, not a scrub, as they tend to work the hardest) the next morning.

5. Apply on your face more often than the rest of your body. It’s the area that gets properly cleansed most, and therefore de-glowed.

And which product has worked best for me? Drum roll…

Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse and mitt (£33) by St.Tropez. It doesn’t smell horrible (honest) or feel sticky so you can apply and go. Plus – this, a big one for me, a time poor one – it lasts.  I only need to apply twice a week for week long tan compliments.

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By Niki Browes @NikiInStyle

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