The Beauty Essentials That Will Refresh Your Festival Make-Up Look

The Beauty Essentials That Will Refresh Your Festival Make-Up Look

How to stay glam as your soak up the party atmosphere.

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It's almost impossible to list all of the things we love about festivals. There are just far too many. From seeing the hottest musicians perform on stage to making a strong statement with your look, they offer the chance to create some unforgettable memories with close friends – and new acquaintances.

The only downside, perhaps, is that it's likely you'll have to camp out in a tent with limited access to a bathroom. You also might find yourself putting on your face huddled over a handheld mirror. As day becomes night, you may wish to touch-up your make-up – and we don't blame you. Hours of dancing in a field or on the beach in close proximity to others can leave you feeling clammy. We've devised a list of exactly what cosmetics you'll need to save you from having to cart about your entire beauty bag.

Quick and easy to use with immediate results, the revitalising Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream SPF25 is a practical place to start.  Just layer a little of the complexion brightening liquid over the foundation you're already wearing whenever you feel in need of extra coverage. It'll provide sunscreen protection for the face too – a real must when you're raving outdoors for hours.

Able to bring a powerful pop of colour to your pout in one swipe, Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector is also a handy tool to keep to hand, while Clarins Bronzing Duo will bring sparkle to your cheeks, nose and forehead in seconds.

And of course no round-up of the essential products that will refresh your festival make-up look would be complete without a mention of Clarins 3-Dot Liner. Want to know why? It delivers a precise and intense line that's almost effortless to draw. The brush can be used to fill in the gaps on your lower lash line with liquid too.  

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