Pixie Lott is a fan of nail art

Pixie Lott is a fan of nail art, showing off her mani at the BAFTAs

DIY nail art is our favourite thing to do on a rainy day and unfortunately, the weather isn't looking so hot right now, so a new nail design to trial was more than welcome.

So, when Pixie Lott shared a picture of her new negative space nails on her Instagram, we swooned and then wondered; how do we do them ourselves? 

The biggest nail trend to come out of the SS15 shows, we love seeing new ways to do it. At Delpozo, we saw coral half moons, at Sophie Theallet it was about two-tone tips, and at Tibi and Houghton we saw minimalist dot patterns.

Pixie Lott's curved angular shapes have a sixties-ish feel and though she's currently in a production of Puttin' On The Ritz, we thought the spacey, irregular aesthetic of her negative shapes would work well for day-to-day monochrome looks. 

Pixie Lott in Puttin' On The Ritz

We spoke to the nail expert and owner of salon Imarni Nails, who created Pixie's quirky look, about how to achieve it. First thing's first, Imarni said: 'The look I created on Pixie Lott’s nails is actually really simple and easy to create at home'. Phew. 

Pixie Lott's negative space nails

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Here's the step-by-step how to...

1) Prep the nails with a base coat like Red Carpet Manicure Prep (£3.95).

2) Paint the whole nail with Red Carpet Manicure in White Hot (£12.95).

3) Create the cut out negative space section using a Nail Art Striping Brush.

Tip: For the exact gel nail look, you'd need the Red Carpet Starter Kit (£89.95), but if you don't want to splash out then opt for a white nail varnish like Morgan Taylor's All White Now (£10.99).

Though you can create any negative space shapes you like, Imarni chose these curved, angular shapes for Pixie. For inspiration for other shapes, check out more designs from beauty director Cassie Steer.