How to wave hair like a vintage queen

How to wave hair like a vintage queen

Celebrities love beautifully coiffed hair oozing old-Hollywood glamour and so do we. Our insider tricks from hair expert Paul Labrecque will give you retro waves in no time...

The perfect rolls channelled by retro-queen Dita Von Teese is very much the look Elizabeth Taylor made famous in movies such as Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and America Ferrera channelled Veronica Lake lengths for the Oscars. 

Forget high maintenance worries because New York's celebrity hair stylist Paul Labrecque, who's devoted clients include the Olsen twins and Renee Zellweger, offers a step by step to nailing this vintage look...

Get the look:

1. Wash hair with a volumising shampoo when preparing for vintage looks as it does not weigh the hair down but adds just the right amount of body and lift.

2. Towel dry hair and smooth in a lightweight styling foam to give body and shape - try Paul Labrecque Color Style Foam for heat protection and some added hold. Blow-dry hair smooth and set in medium rollers. Spray curls with hairspray to lock them in and leave to cool for about 20 minutes.

3. For Rita Hayworth waves like Ugly Betty star America, spray a flat boar bristle brush with finishing spray and brush through with tension letting them frame the face.

4. Tension must be used to pull the curl into a wave and when you like what you see lock in again with more spray to last all day.

5. For Dita-style waves, set hair in medium rollers and on the side that moves away from face use an old trick called a skip wave. This is a backward finger wave immediately followed by two rows of clockwise pin curls, which produces a beautiful exaggerated wave away from the face for the perfect vintage look.

6. When hair is dry, brush out and push one side of waves to the face and the other side away from the face.

7. The length of the back is curled and turned under and if hair is long, simply hold it up with pins secured horizontally in the nape.

8. Lock the style into shape with plenty of hairspray.



By Yanar Alkayat


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