How to prevent the sun, sea and sand ruining your hair colour

How to prevent the sun, sea and sand ruining your hair colour

Neville Hair and Beauty hair stylist Donald Black gives his hair rules to keep your hair summer holiday-friendly

Not sure whether to get your colour done just before you fly off on your hols? Donald Black, who works at celebrity salon Neville's - Elle Macpherson, Lisa Snowdon and Petra Nemcova have all walked through the doors - is here to help...

1. Less is more
"Getting your colour done just before going away is fine, just go to a sensible colourist who wont apply to much bleach," says Black, who recommends getting the minimal done. Get them to apply colour direct to your hairline or roots and you can book in for a full head of colour when your get back from your hols.

2. Tone it down
"If you are very blonde, you could always tone it down with warm golden tones before going away," he says. This will involve less bleach which is better for your hair and wont be so high-maintenance on your holiday.

3. Back at the hotel
Make sure you pack Kerastase's Masquintense. Apply it to mid-lengths and ends, leave it on overnight and rinse in the morning. So even If your colour is looking a little tired, this will improve the condition of your hair, make it more manageable and boost shine.

4. Something to declare
Blast away the dreaded holiday blues with a little pampering salon visit. Try Neville's Mist-ifying Treatment, a deep-conditioning treatment which penetrates deep into the hair shaft.

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