'These 1920s waves a great way of injecting a bit of personality into fine hair,' says Marc Trinder, Charles Worthington's art team director. 'A slightly retro 'do with modern styling always feels quite fashion-forward.'

So how did he do it?

'I prepped Florrie's hair with a blonde-enhancing mousse to create a mirror-like shine. After drying, I created a deep side parting before dividing the hair into horizontal layers and tonging inch-long sections along the layers. Keep the wand at a slight diagonal and twist the hair towards the face. Gently comb the waves together using a wide-tooth comb and spritz with gloss spray.'

We caught up with the gorgeous Florrie on our October beauty shoot...

First thing – you’ve cut your hair short! What made you go for the chop?

‘When I was really young, I had a bowl cut. Everyone thought I was a boy so, since then, I’ve always had it long – until last year. I’d just recorded a new EP and I thought, “New song, new hair.” Now I love it and I can’t imagine growing it longer.’

Who’s your short-hair idol?

‘Alexa Chung – I don’t know how she gets that amazing tousled look. When mine was long, it was a nightmare unless I spent ages styling it, 
and that’s just not me. I’m a “wake up in the morning, have 20 minutes to go” kind of person. Now it’s short, I like that it’s got a bit of an edge.’

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What’s your biggest beauty faux pas?

‘Probably the time I crimped my hair for a gig and brushed it out – it went like an Afro! I forgot to wash it, so it became all matted and impossible to get out. I ended up spending quite a lot of time in the shower and had to put a whole bottle of conditioner on it. I don’t think I’ll try that again.’

Give us your best beauty advice…

‘My mum always said, “Never touch your eyebrows,” so I never have. I’m a bit funny about them now. I’ve used the same MAC eyebrow pencil for ever and I’ve never plucked them myself. I’m terrified of doing it!’

Check out the rest of our interview with Florrie in InStyle's October issue, out NOW!