How to get radiant skin

How to get radiant skin

Whether you’re on the dry side, oil is your enemy, or you’re stuck somewhere in between, here’s to strike a balance for glowing skin.

THE EXPERT: Sarah Chapman

With a signature facial that’s got a celeb following to rival Christian Louboutin and a Chelsea clinic with more Tinseltown visitors than Nobu, Sarah Chapman is a favourite with those seeking complexion perfection. Luckily, she understands the importance of treating clients individually, as not all skins are created equal. Here she reveals how to tailor your routine for instant red-carpet radiance.

Oily skin
“As oily skin tends to be thicker, you can use more intensive exfoliators.” Says Chapman. “Be careful to avoid alcohol – and acid-rich products as they can encourage the production of sebum.” Exfoliate twice a week with a scrub that contains salicylic acid and apply a clay mask (try Best Beauty Buy, Eve Lom’s Rescue Mask) up to twice a week to help absorb excess oil.

Combination skin
“This is the most common skin type,” says Chapman. “Apply a clay- or tea-tree-based deep-cleansing mask to the oily T-zone and a hydrating mask (such as Best Beauty Buy, Sisley’s Express Flower Gel) to dry areas.” Use an exfoliator with soft grains all over to remove dead skin once a week.

Dry skin
“Due to its rough texture, dry skin doesn’t reflect light and can look dull,” explains Chapman, who’s all about exfoliating twice a week. “Use a hydrating mask three times a week and don’t be afraid to wear it overnight while you sleep, for extra infusion.”

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