How to get lush lips

How to get lush lips

Make like a pouting pro: kiss goodbye to nasty flakes and say hello to a perfect pair of smackers.

THE EXPERT: Monika Blunder

With a client list that resembles the Oscars roll call, it’s no surprise that Monika Blunder is a pro at creating show-stopping smackers for the red-carpet posse. Here, the LA make-up artist kisses-and-tells on how to create a megawatt smile – without a drop of filler in sight!

Stain power
“Stains are great because they create a natural look,” says Blunder, who uses them on clients such as Mena Suvari for a young, fresh feel. “Use one with a balmy texture, so your lips look well moisturised.” If you’re more of a lipstick lover, dab on your favourite shade with your ring finger. “It should enhance your natural lip colour, so avoid lip liner and gloss as they’ll make it look too ‘done’,” says Blunder.

Magic matte
According to Blunder, matte lips such as Katherine Heigl’s create a sophisticated look. “Matte reds, nudes and beiges look great, but team with a radiant complexion to avoid looking washed-out.” Lips need to be in tiptop condition, so invest in a good lip balm. “If your lipstick doesn’t have a matte finish, dab transparent powder over the top,” suggests Blunder.

Gloss up
“Beige and light pink glasses look sexy, but avoid red and bright hues as they can bleed on to the skin easily,” says Blunder, whose client Amanda Seyfried loves a bit of gloss. If you can’t stand the feeling of sticky gloss, Blunder advises applying a high-shine lipstick with a moisturising formula. Fed up with a puny pout? “Apply a soft, shimmery shade to the middle of your lips for a quick alternative to fillers.”

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