How to get flawless skin

How to get flawless skin

Fake flawless skin – in any finish – with these pro base tips.


As make-up artist to Bond babes Rosamund Pike and Eva Green, Pugh has prepped and primed more A-list faces than you could shake a foundation stick at. Whether she’s creating dewy, satin or matte finishes, she ensures her clients stroll down the red carpet boasting dazzling complexions. Read on to find out how to cheat your way to the complexion God didn’t give you.

Dewy delight
For dewy perfection, Pugh recommends you prep with a rich moisturiser before using a light-reflective foundation. “Next, apply a highlighter (our pros love Fluid Sheer by Giorgio Armani Cosmetics, Best Beauty Buy) to the apples of your cheeks and raised points such as your cheekbones,” says Pugh. This look is all about the creamy textures, so stay away from powder, ”but if your skin is oily, just powder your T-zone”.

Satin sheen
Striking the perfect balance between glowing and matte, satin base is a flattering finish for all skin types and ages. This look is all down to the texture base you use, so “go for a liquid foundation (such as Chanel’s Vitalumière, Best Beauty Buy), which has no shimmer particles, then apply it with a foundation brush for medium coverage,” says Pugh. “Avoid powder if possible so that the light picks up your skin’s natural highlights.”

Matte maven
Pugh suggests using an oil-free moisturiser, followed by a mattifying foundation. “To set the base, take a powder puff and roll loose powder (try Shu Uemura’s winning Best Beauty Buy) into the skin all over,” says Pugh. While matte skin looks super-polished, stay clear if your skin is less than perfect, as it can highlight flaws. “The same goes for those over 35, as powder tends to emphasise fine lines.”

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