How To Get A Quiff In Five Easy Steps

How To Get A Quiff In Five Easy Steps

The quiff hairstyle is a classic, with our favourite short-haired celebs like Scarlett Johansson working the look, as well as models at Daks SS15. This is one sure-fire way to get your party look noticed...

George Northwood, stylist to the stars, tells us how to get the perfect quiff in five easy steps...

1. Section off the hair from the forehead back as far as the crown. This is the bit of hair you're working with for your quiff. If you want a more subtle look make it slightly smaller.

2. Ideally quiff your hair a day after washing. If you're working with freshly-washed locks, add a generous blob of Kerastase Volume Active Mousse to the front section of the hair. This will give serious hold without going hard and sticky. And don't worry, you can't apply too much of this product!

3. Get your hairdryer and rough dry the section of hair from the front to the crown; lift the roots so that you give your hair as much lift as possible… Ideally you want it to stand on end!

4. Start backcombing from the back to the front. The trick is to do it from behind so that you still have a smooth finish at the front. Once you're done, take a Mason Pearson brush and smooth over the top. You should have a voluminous quiff with plenty of hold and a smooth top.

5. Once your quiff's complete, style the rest of your hair. A quiff looks best set against slicked-back hair so if your locks are long, pull them back into a tight ponytail. If you've got a short style, slick it back. Finally finish with a spritz of hairspray!

Now, get your Scar-Jo on...


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