How to fix your bronzing boo-boos

How to fix your bronzing boo-boos

Botched your fake tan? Our expert tips will remedy your bronzing boo-boos...

THE EXPERT: Moiya Saint

The tanning pro for St Tropez has bronzed the bodies of the Spice Girls, Elle Macpherson, Lindsay Lohan and, most recently, Paris Hilton, for her fragrance launch at Selfridges in London. We asked her for her troubleshooting fake tan tricks.

No mean feet

“You can spot a bad bronzer by the backs of the ankles and knuckles,” says Saint, “which are usually much darker.” Apply a film of body moisturiser on hands, feet and elbows before you tan to dilute the colour and ensure an even finish.

Vanishing trick

“Coating your nails with a moisturiser will stop them getting stained by fake tan,” says Saint. If it’s already happened, use your usual nail varnish remover to get rid of the discolouring. “A few applications should take off any light staining.”

Not a patch on…

“When I tanned Paris, she was wearing a white dress, so she wanted to look really brown,” says Saint. “To even out her existing colour, I gave her a light coat of tan, let it dry, then applied another layer of colour on top for a natural, even glow.”


“Choosing the right shade of a good fake tan brand reduces the risk of going too dark,” says Saint. “But if you do overdo it, exfoliate dry skin with a body scrub before showering to fade the colour.” Next time you tan, do it gradually by blending a little body moisturiser and tan together first, then apply again to deepen the shade.   

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