How to do the evening pony

How to do the evening pony

The daytime ponytail has got all dressed up with glamorous screen starlets scooping their hair up stylishly for the red carpet.

Drew Barrymore, Nicole Ritchie and Kate Beckinsale have all had Sixties inspired ponies swinging from behind while Jennifer Aniston and Leighton Meester are fans of the casual, slightly ruffled upsweep. Then there's the slick-back loved by Salma Hayek that is ultra polished and sleek.

We spoke to celebrity hair stylist George Northwood, who styled Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's hair into a modern ponytail for the glamorous party hosted by Vogue for Gucci designer Frida Giannini. Here he tells us how to recreate it:

Get the look:
1. Wash and towel-dry hair and apply a volumising mousse like Kerastase Volumeactive Mousse all over roots, mid-lengths and ends.

2. Rough dry the hair tipping the head up-side down to get lots of root lift and body.

3. Next, tong the hairline around the head using Daniel Hersheson waving tongs for movement.

4. Backcomb the roots in sections from the top of the hairline to the back, just below the crown.

5. Pull the hair back into a pony tail just below the crown, it should be tighter at the sides with a little height on top but not quite a quiff.

6. Take a small piece of hair from the pony tail to wrap around the hair band and discreetly put a pin into place.

7. Tong the pony tail taking random sections to finish the look.

8. Run some Kerastase Lumiere Nutri Sculpt through the pony tail to polish it off.



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