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Don't want to spend a fortune getting your hair coloured in the salon? But do want a new look? Read on…

We don't need to tell you that there's been a full 90s takeover when it comes to fashion and beauty in 2014. While grungy, multicoloured hair is all the rage now, back then, if you were 13 and wanted to experiment with hair colour, it involved a trip to Claire's Accessories with a couple of quid to spend on hair mascara: that sticky lurid dye we brushed into our hair, and that dribbled down our cheeks when we played netball in the rain. In short, it wasn't a good look. These days it's far easier to experiment with brush in and out colour, thanks to far more effective hair crayons. So if you don't want to commit to bleach, but do want to try out a new look, then these are the products for you. Or if you want to achieve a more subtle, natural highlighted look, check out our video tip above...

Bleach Hair Crayons
If anyone knows about what's cool in the world of hair right now, it's Dalston-based hair salon, Bleach. If you'd rather be a part-time east Londoner than have candy coloured hair forever, then pick up one of (or all) Bleach's five different Hair Crayons. Priced at a mere £4 each, these crayons in offbeat rainbow shades are an easy way to mix up your look. And if names like Washed Up Mermaid and Bruised Violet don't hit a nerve with your inner teen, we don't know what will. To apply, simply hold down strands of hair, and brush the crayon down the hair repeatedly, building up the colour in layers.

Bleach Hair Crayons, £4, from Boots


L'Oreal Hairchalks
L'Oreal got in on the action last year with the launch of its Hairchalks range. With eight different shades – five statement colours and three more natural hues – the hairchalks will allow you to change your hair colour every day of the week. Alexa Chung's a fan, and with the colour only lasting three washes, it's definitely a noncommittal way to try something new. And at just £15 a pop, it's definitely cheaper than a visit to your colourist.

L'Oreal Hairchalks, £12.75, from

By Olivia Marks

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