How To Define Your Eyebrows

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Put the tweezers down, ladies. The bushy brow is here to stay

When it comes to brows, bushy is best. While much about the 90s has come back into vogue, the one thing that has stayed firmly in that decade (thankfully) is the overplucked eyebrow look.

The full brow resurgence is thanks, in no small part, to a certain Ms Cara Delevingne, whose dominating dark brows are arguably her defining feature and one of the main reasons she has reached the levels of model stardom she is currently enjoying.

So, if you're still firmly gripping those tweezers we urge you to put them down – not forever of course, your eyebrows still need to be kept in shape and defined for full impact. 

For an easy tip on how to get that full brow look at home, because we're not all blessed with Cara's natural growth, watch the video above. In the meantime, here are our all time favourite celebrity eyebrows...


Alexa Chung has grown out her once dainty, barely-there brows to join in with the bushy brigade. We much prefer them.


The original queen of eyebrows, Miss Brooke Shields. Brooke, you'll always be our number one


Not far behind Cara in the full-on bushiness front is Lily Collins. We love the contrast of her dark brows and pale complexion. The archetypal English Rose.


We love Keira Knightley's brows. not just for their full shape, but for their greyish, brownish shade, too.


And, of course, no list would be complete without Cara. Never lose the brows, Ms D.

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